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Planning and Planning Commission FAQs

What is a Planning Commission?

Planning commissions in South Carolina are voluntary boards established under the provisions of Title 6 Chapter 29 of the South Carolina Code of Laws, which is commonly known as the Comprehensive Planning Act.  Primarily intended to act as advisory boards assisting the local governing bodies (i.e. City or County Councils), planning commissions devote much of their time studying issues impacting the community, drafting and reviewing proposed plans and ordinances, and performing other tasks associated with the legislative branch of local government.  That said, planning commissions are charged by the state with oversight of a few issues that gives them limited administrative/quasi-judicial powers.  Additionally, in some jurisdictions planning commissions are delegated additional authority by the local governing body to perform tasks not otherwise identified by the state.  Decisions of a planning commission may be appealed to Circuit Court.  It should be noted that any local government in the state intending to adopt standards or plans that regulate or otherwise impose limits on land use must first establish a planning commission.  


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